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This Roman Gold Coin belongs to the reign of Emperor Antoninus Pius. He ruled from 11 July 138 to 07 March of 161 -22 years.

Gold Aureus Emperor Antoninus Pius

He was frugal, avoided conflicts and wars whenever possible, was called “Pius” because he pardoned many condemned to death and his tenure saw one of the most peaceful periods of advancement in the laws of the Roman Empire. Possibly one of the better Roman Emperors…that we never hear about.

This is the spirit of this blog, open a window into what the 99% can do in order to use existing methods to improve our financial condition.

The purpose of this blog is to give out financial & economic information in a manner that anyone can understand and most importantly use. For example, we don’t talk about “quantitative easing” we call it “printing money out of thin air”.

By reading the articles of this Blog:

– You will understand how financial institutions operate.
– You will gain the knowledge of how financial traps are designed.
– You will understand what all that fancy & confusing terminology really means.

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