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Tuesday September 2nd 2014


About this Blog:

This Roman Gold Coin belongs to the reign of Emperor Antoninus Pius. He ruled from 11 July 138 to 07 March of 161 -22 years.

Gold Aureus Emperor Antoninus Pius

He was frugal, avoided conflicts and wars whenever possible, was called “Pius” because he pardoned many condemned to death and his tenure saw one of the most peaceful periods of advancement in the laws of the Roman Empire.

The coin has in excess of 99% purity (superior to the British Gold Sovereign at only 91.7% or the US Gold Dollar at 90%) a weight of 7.33 grams and at today’s gold prices it would be equivalent to about $400 US Dollars.

Emperor Antoninus personifies the spirit of this blog, sound money management, peace, lawful government, rule of decency & common sense.

The purpose of this blog is to give out financial & economic information in a manner that anyone can understand and most importantly use. For example, we don’t talk about “quantitative easing” we call it “printing money out of thin air”.

By reading the articles of this Blog:

- You will know how money is created & what it means.
- You will understand how financial institutions operate.
- You will understand the economic environment we all live in.
- You will gain the knowledge of how financial traps are designed.
- You will have a peek as to how very wealthy people deal with their funds.
- You will have more options by exposing you to completely different points of view.
- You will understand what all that fancy & confusing terminology really means.
- You will gain information about finances, investments & real estate which you can put to immediate & successful use.

The articles & videos in this blog are roughly divided in three categories: Real Estate, Investing-Finance & The Economy. Their purpose is to complement what the regular media does not report on or trivializes, therefore giving you the full picture.

Whenever possible I have tried to avoid bombarding you with financial data such as mortgage rates, up to the minute stock values, bond trends, etc… since in reality these numbers are of little utility.

I did put a section however, where you can find the Cost of Living or Consumer Price Index (CPI), Unemployment figures, Gross Domestic Product (GDP -allegedly measures how much the country produced in one year) and other numbers which do give you an indication of where we are headed.

You will also see a section containing news articles which are not economy or finance related, but are however of huge importance, such as for example the decision of the German Government to phase out from Nuclear Energy. There are lots of news of this enormous magnitude which are routinely ignored by the media and that is why we give them coverage.

You can leave feedback in two ways. Some articles have a Facebook Comment Box but if you don’t have a Facebook Account and wish to leave a comment, this blogs allows you to do so. To avoid spam, you need to Register, that’s how we know you are a real person and not some Internet Program. At the very end of each page you will see the word “Register”, click on it, put in your name & e-mail address and you will receive a password. This would allow you to leave comments anywhere on this blog. These comments are moderated.

Your opinion is always very valuable and I do personally read every e-mail and comment. Comments that are well written and follow the basic grammatical rules as to writing expression & syntax will be given priority.

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