What is Going on in the Internet

The Internet has made a lot of people uncomfortable:

– Record Companies cannot monopolize music anymore, many of them are bankrupt.

– Movie studios are against it too because now people can watch movies whenever they want for less.

– The government is not happy that its dirty laundry gets exposed on a daily basis.

– The Political arena is also shifting since new ideas and candidates such as Ron Paul now have a voice, thanks to the Internet.

– Regular media, newspapers, TV Broadcast & Cable channels do not have a monopoly over the information anymore.

– You, the reader, have now the freedom to access the biggest library that humankind has ever had.

– Anyone with dirty secrets, a desire to censor, a monopoly, underhanded control or lies sooner or later will be exposed thanks to the Internet.

This is why many Media Organizations, established corporations, politicians and governments have been for decades trying to stop this free flow of information using whatever means they can. Some countries employ armies of agents, in the tens of thousands of censors, to monitor Internet traffic.

Of course, being the Internet still independent, they too are being exposed!

The first step in resolving a situation is first noticing its existence, the second is to tell others. You will be amazed as to how powerful these two actions are. They are so powerful they can really cause meaningful change to occur.

My subject is economics however I realized that I also need to do my part in letting others now of what is going on in such a vital media such as the Internet.

Think about this for a minute. Without the free Internet you wouldn’t even be reading this article right now among many other things.

I hope these articles give you valuable insight as they have given me.